Norsemen Transportation is the brokerage for you if:

• You’re looking for over 30 years experience.
• You’re looking for over 7,500 carriers.
• You’re looking for competitive rates for all traffic lanes and most traffic types.
• You’re looking to get critical loads delivered on short notice.
• You’re looking for someone to develop personal relationships with the traffic personnel of clients.
• You’re looking for professionalism with every load.
• You like getting your questions and concerns addressed in a prompt, courteous manner from experienced traffic personnel.
• You want a team of industry specialists to find the best, most efficient and economical way to transport your shipment to its destination.
• You would like to benefit from Norsemen’s instant access to information.
• You would like to save time and money.
• Norsemen utilizes carriers that have in Truck Communication Systems in order to insure your shipment is properly monitored.
• Aljex dispatching, load posting, billing, and settlement software system.