Owner Operators

Norsemen Specialized may be the company for you if:

• You are at least 23 years of age.
• You have a valid CDL in the state you reside in.
• You want to be more then a truck number.
• You are a Flatbed Owner operator.

Norsemen Specialized is the company for you if:

• You’re looking for a family owned and operated company that is there for you.
• You’re looking to receive 80% of 100% billing amount on each load.
• You can pay the entire license fee up front or $300.00 down at time of sign on and the remainder paid in installments of $150.00 from each settlement.
• You like your permit charges paid back thru your settlements.
• You like your fuel tax charged back quarterly thru your settlements.
• Being able to make your truck insurance premiums thru your settlements.
• You carry workers compensation policy yourself or occupational accident.
• You would like to get your Health Insurance policy thru Well Mark Blue Cross Blue Shield at a very competitive rate.
• You like the convenience of using a fuel card thru Pilot/Flying J & SAPP Bros with the Cost Plus Program and advancing up to $250.00 a week.

Owner/Operator Employment Application