Working Together in 2020 – Norsemen Family Success

Thankful! Thankful for all our employees and customers. The year 2020 has had some challenges to say the least. As the world figured out how to deal with the COVID so did Norsemen and the customers that we work with. It has been many many years since truck drivers have been appreciated. If anything 2020 has reminded people around the US just what truck drivers do for them. As most people hunkered down and quarantined or isolated themselves truck drivers kept going. Our customers did everything they could to keep production flowing and our drivers safe with contactless loading and unloading. Many thanks to them for making the best of 2020 and helping do their part to keep their employees and Norsemen’s safe.  

Proud! To say that I am proud of the people I work with would be an understatement. I am proud and humbled to get to work with them each day. When a pandemic hits you get to truly see what type of people you have around you. Norsemen has the BEST people!! They have stepped up and gone above and beyond during 2020. I know that looking forward to 2021 they will continue to do the same.  

Respect! If I can encourage anything for 2021 it would be to continue to respect those around you and the work they do. Everyone working plays a pivotal role in your day to day life. You may not see the connection all the time, but it is there.  

Bring on 2021! As we ring in the year 2021 Norsemen looks forward to continuing the relationships we have with our customers and employees. Together we will continue to be safe and prosperous. Norsemen wishes a Happy New Year to you and your Family.