The Unwritten Rules of Roadside Inspections

Pre and post trip inspections help drivers operate safely, efficiently and legally. Knowing how to complete thorough checks can help prepare for success in roadside inspections also.

Aside from conducting thorough inspections, you can help put your best foot forward during roadside inspections with a few other tips.

  1. Keep it clean – While not a part of an official inspection, a vehicle’s cleanliness signals a driver’s attention to detail. It’s tough to keep any vehicle sparkling clean but a little extra effort could make the world of difference.
  2. Take it slow – An inspection will cause a delay but demonstrating patience with the process can only help the situation. Never rush an inspector and if a vehicle must be moved, go slowly and watch for pedestrians.
  3. Know the ropes – Taking time to get extra familiar with your ELD will help speed up the process when an inspector requests specific information.