The Psychology of Distracted Driving

Every time a driver engages in distracted driving behaviors without a negative outcome, they are subconsciously encouraged to continue doing so.

For example, a driver who decided to remove his/her jacket while continuing to drive may very well be aware that the decision will put him/her at risk. However, if done successfully the idea that the behavior was unsafe becomes less prevalent while the idea is that he/she can easily multitask while driving is reinforced. Down the road, this could lead to the driver taking more dangerous risks while believing he/she will continue to suffer no consequences. 

The more often drivers stretch the limits of distracted driving safely, the more likely they are to push their limits. All drivers need to remember that just because the outcome was positive once, doesn’t mean it will be the next time.

All it takes is one mistake to turn your life and the lives of those around you upside down!