Spring/Summer Driving Hazards

The snow and ice may be gone but that doesn’t mean that driving risks have gone away with them. Spring and Summer can pose some very deceiving challenges on the roadway. It’s important we do not allow ourselves to relax and become complacent only because we are not driving in extreme white-outs or icy roads. Here are some reminders of the challenges we may encounter during the warmer weather:

Potholes – Winter can take a huge toll on roads in many parts of the country. Be on the lookout and try to avoid them when possible. Do not swerve to avoid a pothole. Gently press the brakes to slow down in a controlled manner to minimize any potential damage.

Bicycles & Motorcycles – When the weather warms up, recreational vehicles come out. Always be alert and check your surroundings for these low-profile vehicles, especially around intersections and urban areas. Look twice for bikes!

Pedestrians & Playing Children – In cold weather portions of the country, a lot of people remain cooped up inside. When the weather finally begins to warm up, children begin playing outside and adults become more active. Never assume a pedestrian or child sees you, regardless of the size of your vehicle. Be on the lookout and do not drive distracted, especially when pedestrians may be present.

Animal Activity – Some animals are coming out of hibernation and others are entering mating season. Because animals are very active during Spring, remember to avoid swerving to miss an animal. If you can’t safely stop, it is better to hit the animal than lose control of your vehicle.

Rain Storms & Flooding – Spring rainstorms can make driving treacherous. Heavy rain can reduce visibility and flood out roadways in minutes. The most dangerous time during rainy conditions is when it first starts due to the fresh oil on the roadway. Always be sure your windshield wipers are in good shape and to avoid hydroplaning, slow down in wet conditions. If visibility becomes too bad, pull over to a safe place and wait it out.