Recruiting Millennials

One of the biggest motivations of the millennial generation is flexibility and the feeling of being in control of their environment. Well the trucking industry has both of these to offer in a variety of different ways. It might be surprising to hear that there is flexibility being a truck driver. With multiple different types of driving jobs there are many choices to pick from. These choices not only get them the flexibility that they are looking for, but also puts them in control of the environment they are working in. The trucking industry offers jobs from home daily to out monthly and everything in between. Promote the type of opportunity you have to offer a Millennial, by showing them how it can be flexible and just what control they will have day to day. Don’t forget to show off how they will be helping the environment by maintaining good fuel economy and safety. For us our drivers are responsible for trip planning, mapping, ensuring proper loading and unloading, safety of the equipment and the people around it. We strive to offer our drivers the best equipment possible. We keep it well maintained and monitor the units to ensure the driver is able to get the best fuel economy they can achieve from the unit as well as have safe equipment on the road. Taking control of the wheel behind a semi is not a small job. There are so many moving parts that the driver needs to be educated, responsible, and safety conscious.  

Millennials have grown up with the technology advances we are using today. They desire for the rest of us to get up to speed and join them. As difficult as it may be, I myself am struggling with this, it’s the new normal. If you want to reach out and recruit a Millennial you need to be on the same page as them. This means text messages not phone calls, online chats not in person, social media sites not newspapers.  

If you want to successfully recruit Millennials you need to be able to show them the positive impact they can make in the world being a truck driver. They can help fix the truck driver shortage problem, which is a huge danger to consumers. Millennials want to feel like they are helping the world and making a difference. Besides what other job can you help the world and see the countryside at the same time. Who wants to be tied to a desk when there is so much to see out on the road?

As an employer we have to be open to change. Some experts say that Millennials could actually change the trucking industry for the better. Since they have so much knowledge in technology and are more diverse they will find ways to improve it with new ideas. Take the time to listen and try out some of the ideas that Millennials have. This may not only improve things for you, but it will also make them feel significant. Let them make being your truck driver something of their own that they can be proud of. How the drivers feel affects your company.