Pets on the Road

Pets are a great companion for so many truck drivers! Bringing a pet on the road is becoming more and more popular in the trucking industry. It is important to learn if the company that you work for allows pets on the road before looking into the possibility. It is important to follow all of the guidelines set in place by employers. If you are given the green light – then you can start looking for the perfect on-the-road pet for you and your lifestyle! Let’s look at the advantages of having pets, the best pet options, and ways to make your driving lifestyle more pet-friendly. 


Truck driving can get lonely when drives get long and you’re away from home! Animals have been found to help fill this void. Having a companion to go along on all your journeys is sure to help you feel less lonely. There are so many health benefits to having a pet in general, so it is a no-brainer that it can help drivers. The CDC states that pets help lower cholesterol levels, create healthy habits, decrease depression, and much more! When drivers are by themselves, they don’t talk as much, but pets give drivers a companion to talk to. Since pets need to get outside and stay active, it encourages drivers to do the same. The advantages to on-the-road pets are endless!

Pet Options

When it comes to what pet you bring on the road, it depends a lot on your lifestyle. Are you the type of driver to be on long hauls most of the time? Would you rather do shorter trips? Are you active in between drives or at truck stops? Do you have a family at home that would enjoy having this pet as well? All of these are very important questions to consider when deciding on the animal. The most common on-the-road pet is a dog. They are a friendly companion that is adaptive enough to be on the road. Make sure you are choosing a breed that isn’t too big to fit in the cab, can be easily trained, and won’t get restless from long drives. According to, the best breeds are pugs, labs, chihuahuas, and miniature breeds. Check out the article to discover the list of the best breeds for drivers. The second option would be a cat. They are low maintenance enough to stay in a small space without getting restless. The most important reminder for cats is that they will require some sort of litter box. According to The New York Times, there have also been cases of birds, pigs, or hedgehogs traveling the United States. 

Pet-Friendly Lifestyle

Depending on the animal you choose to get, there are a few changes you should make to your lifestyle in order to make it best suited for your companion. A dog is going to require some sort of exercise. Taking a walk at a truck stop or making an extra stop to let your pet run around will help increase their happiness, health, and quality of life. This requirement was mentioned above, but cats will need a litter box. It is important to keep this item in the same spot at all times in order to make it a habit, so try to think of the best area in your cab for it. It’s necessary to have a bed or a comfy spot for your animal to chill out in while on the road. Lastly, food and water must always be onboard. You might choose to feed your animal while you are making a stop or while you’re driving, but it is important to stay in a routine that your pet can follow. 

The advantages of having a pet on the road are abundant. This should not be an impulsive last-minute decision. Ask yourself questions like if your employer will allow it, what pet would work best for you, and how you might have to change your lifestyle in order to accommodate. Take time to think through the responsibility. If you decide that you can handle it, go out and get the perfect driving companion! What could be better than having a fluffy, loyal work partner?