Norsemen Pride

Who is Norsemen Trucking?

We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in the community for years. Our brand has been successful in growing and changing with the times. As a company, we take pride in our employees, community, and the customers that we serve. Norsemen is known as a great place to work, and we are always looking for new drivers to join our team! 

What Has Norsemen Accomplished?

We have been in the community for years. David E. & Bonnie Steffens started the company in 1979 in the town of Waseca, MN. Throughout the next few years, we gained contracts for grain and mail freight. In 1987, a section of operations was transferred down into Lake Mills, Iowa. Two years later, the whole corporation moved and settled in Lake Mills. In 1990, we were fortunate enough to purchase our first fleet of trucks under the Norsemen name. In 1994, our family business began a program with NIACC’s Auto Tech Program. This was a great example of how our company cares for the community. This was not only influential for us as a company, but also the college and the students. In 1997, Norsemen Transportation was created, which is the brokerage company made to go hand in hand with the trucking business. This was founded by David E. and David A. Steffens. A few years later in 2002, David E. and Bonnie decided that it was time to retire and handed it over to the two sons: David A. and Jay Steffens. That December, Norsemen Specialized was created, becoming our Owner Operator Division. In 2019, we reached a huge milestone: celebrating the 40th year of successful business operation. This past year, we made another monumental step by purchasing 18 brand-new fleet cabs for our drivers. These cabs include fridges, dinettes, Murphy beds, and many other amenities. Here at Norsemen Trucking, we do all that we can for our drivers’ comfort. Ever since our company’s start, our brand has grown and achieved great success. We are always looking for ways to better the company, while always supporting our employees and customers. 

How Does Norsemen Care For & Support Employees? 

The Norsemen driver retention rate is a generous 77%. Drivers are well taken care of and receive great benefits. The long list of benefits includes a $3,000 sign-on bonus, starting pay at $.45 per mile, matching 401K, and so much more! To check out the whole list, visit Norsemen Drivers. It’s not hard to believe why customers, employees, and community goers are proud to represent this brand. Our family-owned business makes everyone feel like family. Norsemen is always looking for applicants for company drivers, owner/operators, mechanics, and office workers. Check out our open applications at

Hopefully, this article answered any questions you had about who Norsemen Trucking is, how we care for employees & customers, and why you should support us! We take pride in our business, employees, family, work ethic, and you. You should also take pride and ownership in Norsemen Trucking.