Items for a Winter Weather Driving Kit

During the winter months, it is crucial to prepare for safety, comfort, and ease. Packing a winter weather driving kit will help achieve all of these things. Being prepared for snowy and icy conditions is necessary for trucking in the winter. These materials will assist drivers in potential emergency situations. Some of the products that should be included in your packing for your next drive are clothing items, vehicle/tool items, and first aid items. 

Clothing Items

Packing an ample amount of warm clothing is imperative. The following items should be packed in case of unexpected situations like having a broken heater, getting stranded in the snow, needing to be outside for longer than expected, and more. The items will be most effective if they are both insulated and waterproof.

  • Winter coat
  • Hats/gloves
  • Snow boots
  • Socks
  • Snow pants/overalls
  • Face mask

Tools and Vehicle Items

Items like tools and other truck safety equipment is imperative to bring on drives. This includes items to help fix mechanical problems, to help with weather conditions, and to help with emergency situations. It’s essential to know what tools to bring and how to use them before packing them up. Another smart idea is to bring extras of everything in case something is broken or lost. 

  • Reflective cones/triangles – These will help when pulled over to the side of the road, and you need to be visible to traffic.
  • Jumper cables – Used when you are having battery problems and need to start up a dead battery.
  • Duct tape – This item has many different uses that will come in handy in and around your rig. 
  • Basic tool kit: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, box knife, wrenches, etc. – These tools will help with many different situations around the vehicle: both major and minor. 
  • Recovery and tow straps – These straps help with stuck or stranded vehicles in the ditch or other snowy predicaments. 
  • Shovel and ice scraper – These are very helpful after a large snowfall or icy conditions.
  • Sand – Used for friction when your tire comes into contact with ice.
  • Extra light bulbs/ headlight bulbs – These bulbs are used as backup if bulbs around and outside the vehicle burn out.
  • Tire chains – This is another item used for tire friction in the presence of snow and ice on the road.
  • Flares – These can be used for visibility in emergencies and more. has a great list of tools and more that can be packed in your winter weather driving kit.

First Aid Items

These are all items that are needed in the case of emergencies and injuries. Winter driving is a bit more dangerous than the warm months, so it is vital to prepare for unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. 

  • Gauze/bandages
  • Antibiotic
  • Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Burn ointment
  • Cold compress

These first aid items and more were found at

Some other important Items include:

  • Sleeping bag/blanket – These items are also significant for staying warm in the cold.
  • Battery run radio – Having a backup radio that runs off batteries is important when trying to communicate with others, but your main radio isn’t cooperating.
  • Paper map – Technology isn’t always the most reliable, so it’s important to have a paper map for backup navigation.
  • Phone charger/battery – Phones are used for so many important purposes in this day and age, so it is essential to have it charged at all times. 
  • Food and drink (nonperishable) – When there isn’t a convenient time to stop for food or you get stuck in traffic or snow, it’s always smart to pack extra food and drinks for the road.
  • Flashlight – They come in handy for many different purposes, especially when used for night viewing and vehicle repair. 
  • Hand warmers – When the temperature drops and extra warmth is needed; hand warmers are a necessity. 
  • Medications – If you take regular medications, make sure to have 2-3 weeks worth with you. provides a lot of valuable products and ideas for your next ride.


Being sufficiently packed for all driving exhibitions is vital. Having a satisfactory winter weather driving kit will help with emergencies and efficiency on all drives. Using the items within this list are certain to make you feel more prepared and at ease. Hopefully you can use some of these products for your next ride!