How to Pass Time While on the Road

Passing time while on the road is a relevant topic for any driver. Long hauls can be difficult after being on the road for an extended period of time. Although it is important to keep your attention on the road, there are a few different activities you can try to pass time while driving. Some of these are activities you can do while driving, and others are ones you can do while in between hauls. Keep reading to discover multiple ways to pass time on your next drive!


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. There is a podcast out there for almost any topic. There are podcasts for business, pop culture, religion, humor, etc. You can listen to podcasts on most music streaming platforms and apps. This is a great way to pass time because most podcast episodes take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. This can be easier for some drivers to focus on because it is talking about a specific topic for a long period of time and going in-depth on that topic. This can be more enjoyable than listening to a new song on the radio every 3 minutes. Look into different podcasts topics – you might find one you’re interested in.


For those of you that can’t get engaged with a podcast, simply listening to music is a great idea. This is probably a go-to option for most drivers, but there are a few ways to make this experience even better. Look into purchasing an upgraded music streaming application on your phone. Then connect the audio for your drives. When you buy an upgraded version, you don’t have to listen to advertisements and can personally choose what songs you want to listen to. With these apps, you can also create separate playlists. That means that you can listen to different genres of music or artists depending on what you feel like listening to!


Audiobooks are quite similar to podcasts. This is another form of listening to a person talk over the rig’s speakers or headset. Since you can’t read books while behind the wheel, this is the perfect alternative! There are multiple applications for audiobook downloads and listening. These days, most books that are published are made into audiobooks as well. Books are fairly long, so they are sure to take up quite a bit of time during your drives.


Although exercise can’t be done while driving, it is the perfect activity for breaks and in-between hauls. Many rest stops have walking paths that are perfect to get a few steps in after sitting behind the wheel for hours on end. Look into finding specific rest stops that have paths. Depending on where you stay overnight, there are many options that have exercise rooms and pools. If you are staying at a hotel, there is a very good chance that both of these are provided. Take advantage of these amenities!

Tourist Attractions

No matter where your destination is, there are sure to be a few landmarks or tourist attractions along the way. Sometimes it isn’t a great time to stop at these locations, but when it is acceptable, make those stops. It can be as simple as stopping at a state welcome sign while crossing the state border. It can also be more intricate like a state park or national park. These stops are going to make the driving go by quicker, and you are guaranteed to make great memories!

Restaurant Bucket List

Create a restaurant bucket list of different restaurants that you might come across and want to try! This is a great idea for any driver that needs to prevent eating fast food for multiple meals. Look into some of the best restaurants within the area. Make an effort to try out these places and immerse yourself in new foods and cultures along the way. 

All of these activities are going to help make time go by faster while on the job. It may often feel like time is going by slowly, but try out something from this list and see if it helps! Along the way, you might discover your new favorite restaurant, get into reading books more, or come upon a new music genre that you enjoy!