Handy Gadgets for Your Glovebox

It is essential to be prepared every time you are on the road! There are items that should be brought with you on every ride and kept close to you while driving! They’re small and simple items that are easy enough to be placed in the glovebox and pulled out when they might be needed. These items are great gifts for truck drivers because of their usefulness and convenience! Below is a list of 10 great glovebox gadgets!

  1. Portable Phone Charger: Phones have so many uses in our world today, so it is important to always have a charged phone. Although phone usage while driving should not occur, it is important to know that the phone is available for stops and emergencies. Phones are used for GPS navigation, calling family members, ordering food, and so much more. It is important to have a backup charging option!
  2. Digital Tire Gauge: Checking tire pressure is a very important aspect of safe driving and arriving at destinations on time. Purchasing a digital tire gauge is more advanced than a regular tire gauge, and in some instances can give a clearer result. It’s necessary to know that tire pressure is always adequate. 
  3. Portable Tire Compressor: When tire pressure is low, a portable tire compressor can save the day. This can be used in emergencies or on a regular basis. It can save drivers from making extra stops.
  4. Emergency First Aid Kit: Emergencies are never predictable, so it is important to always be prepared! A small first aid kit is an easy addition to any driver’s glovebox! This kit can include band-aids, pain relievers, gauze, antibiotic ointment, instant cold packs, and any other essentials.
  5. Flashlight: This item will come in handy in an abundance of situations. It could be used for anything from trying to find something that was dropped under the seat to fixing a flat tire in the middle of the night. A flashlight is vital for any driver!
  6. Windshield Wipes: Visibility is an important aspect of safe driving. Windshield wipes help keep safety a top priority. These wipes will efficiently clean off all windows and windshields in order for them to be as clear as possible! This item is super easy to keep tucked away in the glove box and pull out whenever the windows are in need of a quick cleaning. 
  7. Snow Brush/Ice Scraper: This is a basic item for any drivers that may come into contact with winter weather. Whether it is used to brush snow off the hood of the rig and windshield or used to scrape ice off of the windshield for visibility, this item is essential for both safety and convenience.
  8. Portable Safe: A mini, portable safe is a very smart idea for any driver! This can be used for money, a wallet, personal information, or special keep-sakes. The possibilities are endless for what could be placed inside to keep safe. When on the road, it is important to have the extra safety precaution, especially when making stops or sleeping overnight!
  9. Pen and Paper: Although this seems like a simple no-brainer, a pen and paper will always come in handy! This could be anything from sticky notes to a mini-notebook. There are many uses and instances in which these items will be useful!
  10.  Multi-Toolkit: Lastly, buying a small tool kit or a multi-use tool is a great item to pack along on all drives. This could include a screwdriver, pliers, wrench, vise-grips, wire cutter, and more! For more tool item ideas to pack for any ride, visit Mobil.com.

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