Don’t Miss Unique Truck Stops in the U.S.

Although truck stops don’t seem like a monumental attraction to the average person driving by, there are so many unique and extravagant locations ready to be discovered on the side of the road. Truck stops are the ideal places for truckers and other travelers to rest, freshen up, eat, and fill up with gas. Some truck stops have taken these ideas and kicked them up a notch. Now within truck stops one can find barber shops, zoo enclosures, gyms, and everything in between! Listed below are some of the most popular and extravagant truck stops within the United States that are definitely must-sees!

The first stop is the Iowa 80 Truck Stop found along I-80 at Exit 284. This location prides itself on being the largest truck stop in the world! According to, there is an average of 5,000 visitors per day. Making up this popular stop includes the regular truck stop necessities such as a convenient store, private showers, a laundry station, truck washing, and a gas station. Besides these, one can also find a movie theater, a barber shop, a gym, a chiropractor, a dentist, and more! A person must visit this location for themselves in order to believe in all of the amenities. 

The next stop is in Hamer, South Carolina and is called South of the Border! This attraction is located along I-95. South of the Border is the home to the largest indoor reptile zoo in the US. Besides this zoo exhibit, one can also find mini-golf, a small amusement park, an RV campground, a hotel, and great restaurants! There are also the trucking necessities like a gas station, showers, a convenience store, and lounge. This location can be an hour stop or a weekend visit. For more information on this unique spot, visit their website:

Johnson Creek, Wisconsin is where The Pine Cone can be found. This truck stop is known for its fresh, homestyle cooking. The Pine Cone has been cooking up the best since 1973. They offer scrumptious pastries, pies, and many other baked goods. Inside there is also a deli and a sit down restaurant. Along with the amazing food, they treat the truckers right with many amenities. This includes private showers, a laundry station, a rest lounge, free WIFI and more. Check out this location and a few others at

Little America found in Flagstaff, Arizona is the next location on the list. This is a very nontraditional truck stop option. At this spot, there is access to a golf course, fitness center, and swimming pool. Along with these unique items, they also supply the necessary ones such as a convenience store, gas filling station, and restaurant! Little America gives travelers and truckers the great option of fitting in recreational activity and fitness into their traveling schedule and offers it as an accessible option!

Truck stops might not always be thought of as anything extravagant or as an experience by themselves. This list of unique truck stops has changed that idea. There are stops that travelers can make along their journey that can be just as fulfilling and memorable as their destination! Take time out of traveling and visit one of these locations as soon as you can.