Defensive Driving

What is this, NASCAR?  No, it is the everyday reality of a driver on the roadway these days.  With everyone being in a hurry to get someplace it’s very important that you use your defensive driving skills.  Nobody wants to be in an accident but most of us forget how to avoid them to start with.

A good defensive driver is one that never forgets to be on the defense at all times.  Once we get distracted or feel too comfortable we let our defenses down and accidents happen.  Let’s talk about what can help you become a better defensive driver out on the roadways today.

Observe the entire situation around you, watch for changes happening, recognize potential hazards, decide on the appropriate response, and carry out the plan.  It sounds like a lot to remember, but most of it will come naturally if you are focused and aware of your surroundings. Keep in mind that if you are looking ahead your vision automatically sees things in-between you and where your site is focused at.

When you find yourself in a congested area or out in the weather elements you will need your defensive driving skills even more.  If you are in the habit of being focused and not distracted by things around you, in your vehicle, or on your mind you will be more comfortable in distracting situations and continue your defensive driving skills right through them.

Norsemen Trucking and our drivers comply with the Federal Government’s regulations that they have in place to help with distractions while driving and to help keep safety a priority for drivers on the roadways.  Drivers are only allowed to use their phones in a hands-free mode while driving. This means no texting or playing on their phones while driving. Our trucks are equipped with a mapping system that talks to the driver as they are traveling.  This system cannot be changed or modified while the vehicle is in motion. We also have settings on our communication units that do not allow for texting while the vehicle is in motion. Everything around you is a distraction and many on the roads today are adding to the road distractions.  I recall seeing people reading or watching a movie while going down the road. I remember when it used to be a gal putting on her lipstick was a concern, but now day’s people feel they can focus on several things going on at a time in their vehicle. I can truly say that this is not the case.