Best Road-Trip Playlist from the 1970’s

As many know, the 70s was the beginning of a whole new era of music. Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, David Bowie, and Fleetwood Mac were taking the music industry under their wings. The 70s were economically tough and the world began to see a lot of activism. A lot of artists turned these experiences, feelings, and opinions into lyrics and music. While these lyrics are filled with lots of feeling and vulnerability, the music can be some of the most groovy and fun to listen to.

There are hundreds of different playlists on many different streaming platforms to find quick music from the 70s to listen to on your road trips. With these streaming platforms, incredible music is at your fingertips. One of the most popular and easiest platforms to maneuver is Spotify. Spotify offers an awesome playlist called 70s Road Trip. This playlist offers the perfect assortment of 70s music for your OTR needs. There are also other 70s playlists that are more specific to a particular genre.

Rock & Roll

Rock and roll was thriving in the 70s. There are so many incredible songs out there and very talented bands and artists to listen to. With 4, 978 likes, the 70s-80s Rock and Roll playlist on Spotify has the most iconic songs from the 1970s. “Rocket Man”, “Uptown Girl”, and “Take it Easy” are all featured on this playlist.


While there were many country artists that came from years prior to the 70s, there were a ton of up-and-coming artists that were well recognized. With the older flavor and new ideas from the new artists, country music was a huge hit to this day. Spotify also has a playlist called 70’s Country Gold. The 1970s were also widely known for their country music and Spotify encompasses this in its compilation of 70s hits.