Best Places in America to Watch Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple event during the summer months, especially around the 4th of July time. Have you ever wondered where the most extravagant firework shows take place around the U.S? Well, that question is about to get answered. These firework shows are all taken to the next level. You are very lucky if you get to experience them in person. Here is the list of the top 7 places to watch fireworks throughout the country.

Washington D.C. – The National Mall

There is no better place to watch fireworks on Independence Day than the nation’s capital! This firework show can be viewed from all around the city, so don’t worry if the Mall is packed to the brim. You can view the same show-stopping performance from East or West Potomac Park, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, or even from Virginia at George Washington Memorial Parkway! This vast show can be viewed from all around! The fireworks launch starts at around 9:00 and runs for about 15-20 minutes. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is the location where the fireworks are shot off from. For more information on the National Mall fireworks and other Independence Day festivities in the area, visit

St. Louis, Missouri – Fair St. Louis Celebration

Another spectacular location to watch the 4th of July fireworks is right at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri! St. Louis puts on their annual Fair St. Louis celebration and 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. The town’s festival includes live music, vendors, and of course fireworks! This past year, the city decided to opt for a live stream for the fireworks instead of encouraging a public gathering. Stay tuned to see when this will change back to an in-person event. For more details on the fireworks at the Gateway Arch, visit

New York City, New York – Macy’s 4th of July Celebration

Macy’s is known for its spectacular holiday celebrations – from the Thanksgiving Day Parade to the 4th of July Fireworks. This intricate firework performance airs live on television and receives tons of national views. Top performers – singers and musicians – are brought in to coincide with the firework show in the sky. The fireworks themselves are launched off of barges in the East River. If you get lucky enough, you can have a view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This prestigious firework show is watched throughout the United States and receives terrific reviews. Check out Macy’s site to receive more information:

Orlando, Florida – Walt Disney World

Disney World fireworks don’t need a special holiday in order to go off. These fireworks go off every night! Throughout the different parks, there is bound to be at least one firework show for you to enjoy. Disney has perfected their fireworks. Depending on where you are in the park, you can get a view of Cinderella’s castle, the Epcot lagoon, and more! Visit this link to view the full, daily schedule of the firework displays and nighttime performances within Disney World:

Nashville, Tennessee – “Let Freedom Sing” Celebration

This event takes place in downtown Nashville. It claims to be the largest firework show in the Nashville area. “Let Freedom Ring” is a free Independence Day celebration. The fireworks display is synchronized perfectly with the Nashville Symphony – all in real-time! During a music city celebration, there are going to be live music performances. The headliner for the 2021 event was Brad Paisley, with multiple other acts before him. To take a closer look at the “Let Freedom Sing” event, go to

San Diego, California – Flagship Cruise Fireworks

Have you ever thought about watching fireworks from a yacht? With Flagship Cruise you can do exactly that. They take boats out to the bay specifically for the 4th of July firework viewing. You can choose a few different cruise options: a dinner cruise, spectator cruise, or open-air boat viewing. The dinner cruise consists of a three-course meal while watching the fireworks over the bay. The spectator cruise includes the yacht view with snacks and beverages available on board. The last option takes place on an open-air jet boat for open viewing of the firework show. For more information and reservation details, check out 

Houston, Texas – “Shell Freedom Over Texas” Celebration

The last memorable firework show in the nation is in Houston, Texas. This event claims to be the biggest on-land firework show in the United States. “Shell Freedom Over Texas” is a day-long celebration on July 4th – made to honor frontline heroes and the 4th of July. Throughout the day, you can find live music, vendors, family activities, and of course, the fireworks! If you are interested in this event, go to

Fireworks are a very popular source of entertainment during the summer in the United States! Fireworks can be small-scale in your backyard, or large-scale like any of the events listed above! If you want to see an over-the-top version of fireworks, check out any of these destinations. You are guaranteed to be star-struck. Next 4th of July, think about visiting one of these highly-talked-about shows.