Best Place for a Slice of Pie in the U.S.

February is National Pie Month! Who doesn’t love a good slice of pie? Pies have been around for centuries. According to, pies were first made by the early Romans who had been passed down through the Greeks. The original purpose of pie was to hold the filling for future use, not to eat all together. It was later adapted into what we know as our traditional pie today.

All of this talk about pie probably has you hungry and wondering, “where is the best place to get a slice of pie?” There are thousands of amazing bakeries and restaurants all across the United States serving delicious food, including homemade, fresh baked pies. However, there are 8 that make the top of the list when it comes to pies all across America. Not only can you sit down and enjoy a slice in the shop, you can order online and have all different kinds of pies shipped straight to your door!


  • Arnolds Country Kitchen – Nashville, TN
    • Arnold’s has the best pie in all of Nashville! Their customers are ecstatic that they now have the opportunity to ship pies through ‘Goldbelly’.
  • Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie – Brooklyn, NY
    • “From our pies to our chocolate-dipped Swingles, we strive for nothing less than the best in quality ingredients.” Steve’s takes a lot of pride in doing things the “right way”. They don’t cut corners like the rest of the bakeries around them. They put time and energy in ensuring the best quality ingredients.
  • Blue Sky Bakery – Chicago, IL
    • Blue Sky is featured on numerous different media sites and shows across the nation. Blue Sky is also a non-profit and provides transitional employment to at-risk youth.
  • Pie Junkie – Oklahoma, OK
    • “Every pie at Pie Junkie is made with quality ingredients and touched by loving hands. Our flaky crusts are made using only butter, flour, sugar and salt and rolled the way our grandmas taught us. Each pie, whether flaky crust or graham cracker crusts, are made from start to finish in our shop. We use seasonal fruits, luscious chocolate and fresh nuts to make delicious fillings that are just as fantastic as your favorite family recipes.”
  • Kern’s Kitchen – Louisville, KY
    • “Our passion is to share the Kern’s heritage desserts from our kitchen to yours, one pie at a time.” Derby-Pies has been featured on many different media platforms. They are the best pies in all of Kentucky!
  • Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop – Miami, FL
    • Fireman Derek’s is famous for local and national delivery. “Former Miami firefighter and Division-1 football player, pie-lover, and dessert extraordinaire, Derek Kaplan, baked up our award-winning shop from scratch. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop focuses on bringing big flavors and big smiles to all of our customers.”
  • Hinman Pie – Arvada, CO
    • “It’s the kind of pie you’d drive your Chevy to the levee for. Even if the levee was dry.” “The truth is, crafting pie and sharing pie has provided me with grace to do the next right thing, meet the next right person. It’s a journey that’s opened doors in my life I never imagined possible.” – Owner, John Hinman
  • Tiny Pies – Austin, TX
    • Handmade by scratch daily. Highest quality all-natural ingredients. Keeping it local. Tiny Pie’s takes pride in baking pies handmade, of the highest quality, and supporting local farms to put back into their community.